Friday, October 31, 2008

Back to Work--Mixed feelings

The time has come to return to work. I am happy to have a job in this bad economy, but I wish this county valued mothers and children more than they do. It just seems a little hypocritical for compassionate conservatives to scream "family first" in one breath and then refuse any law that would allow mothers and children longer bonding time at home. I guess a "tax break" should make up for the lack of time. As of right now, mothers in the US are allowed 12 weeks of unpaid leave from work by federal law. See how the US stacks up.... pretty sad really.

Luckily, I am being allowed to bring Vivian to work for about 8 hours a week**UPDATE** AFTER ABOUT TWO WEEKS OF BRINGING THE BABY, I WAS INFORMED THAT SOMEONE IN THE BUILDING (FROM A DIFFERENT DEPARTMENT) COMPLAINED TO OUR HUMAN RESOURCES DEPT. AND MY BOSS TOLD ME I HAD TO FIND OTHER ARRANGEMENTS...HEY THANKS BUDDY, CAN'T YOU MIND YOUR OWN F***ING BUSINESS** , spread over 2 days. My wonderful mom is watching her 2 days a week, and her daddy has off on friday's. We are going to try to make this arrangement work as long as possible. Daycare is very expensive ~600/mo. We would like to keep her out of there for at least the first year.


Ps. I took every day I was allowed most of which is unpaid.

Viv's first day at work. She's about as thrilled as I am.

Daddy came down the hill to feed/burp Viv. Joe and I work at the same place. He's usually out in the field somewhere in SC.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pearl Jam in Columbia!! 6/16/08

I have to admit I was only somewhat excited to see Pearl Jam in concert. I was 6 months preggo when they came around. But, I really enjoyed myself. We had pretty good seats, even though I was on the phone ordering tickets the minute they went on-sale. I think they must have sold out the entire arena in like 20 min. Eddie Vedder was great with the crowd- very high energy. He had never been to Columbia to play. He talked about being hung over and how much he hated the current regime. I think he genuinely liked the vibe in Cola Town.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

I got to enjoy my first beer in almost a year on my birthday. Thanks to my friends and family it was a very nice night.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Vivian is almost 3 months!

First Time sitting up own my own!
Horton say What?

Too cute

My Halloween costume. There will be more pics of this soon.

Hey George! Where is the man in the yellow hat?

Me and Mommy at the Fair

Love my baths.

Rachel knows how to make me smile.

I love to read!

My little Menonite baby!

Grandpa, Nana, and Cocoa

Mommy loves to read to me!

There I am getting Christened. Godparents Pete and Nicole.

Mommy and Daddy with Sweet Baby Viv.