Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pop's NY Pizza

As of this week, there's a new pizza place in 5 Points called Pop's NY Pizza. They're offering authentic NY pizzas and to my delight, Philly cheese steak sandwiches. I'm looking forward to trying those. Kev and I were some of their first customers.
First impressions are that the employees were real characters. First you have Pop's, a man of a least 70 years who took my order, in long hand. Behind Pops' counter was a number of grown men shouting at each other in NewYork-ese about the condition of the pizza crusts. And then there was my favorite, a woman who could only be called Mom's. She has to be Pops' partner in crime. She noticed us standing near the counter waiting patiently for our pie, walked over and whispered to me, "Have you been waiting long? Do I need to go yell at these guys?" I assured her that our pizza was being sliced at that very moment, but thanked her all the same.
That gesture by Mom's made all the traffic headaches and population overload in Columbia seem worth it.
And to those who sneer about "damn Yankees" I say "Bug Off! They make good pizza"!
ps. Oh!, The pizza was great!

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