Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wow! It's been a while!

We had a little time before the wedding to have an outdoor adventure. We hiked a nice trail to the summit of Wachusett Mountain, which was ~2100ft, and a very fun climb.

Harpoon is the under appreciated brewery in Boston. We can't get our favorite, Munich Dark, at out local distributor, so we made sure to buy a Growler to drink on our trip. A growler is the freshest 64 ozs of beer that you can get refilled at the Boston gift shop. Yum! I guess my second favorite must be the Ale, which we also can't get around here. We have to settle for the IPA, which is really good in its own right.

Here is Kev in front of the World TRade Center in Boston. It's located in South Boston near the wharf district. We were on our way to the Harpoon Brewery for a tasting.

I haven't made a post in a few months. I thought I'd post a few pictures of our trip to Boston, Concord, and out-of-town adventures. We were able to see a great Memorial Day celebration in Concord, MA.

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