Monday, May 14, 2007

Out of the woods...think again Little Red Riding Boots

Recovering very well from surgery all week, then Friday evening my calf muscle started aching. By Sunday evening I had excruciating pain in my calf, so bad that the heavy painkillers barely took the edge off. Describing my symptoms to Doc over the phone, he directed me to the hospital for an ultrasound thinking it may be a blood clot. No clot, but now I have two baffled doctors from the ortho center. After squeezing, poking, and bending they decide I need to get a MRI tomorrow.
"man that muscle is soft" they say, "it's not compartment syndrome, but what the hell is it?"
And the best part is the way the new doctor was looking at my surgery doc like "what the f*** do you do to her leg, bro?"

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