Thursday, May 03, 2007

X-Ray and Oops!

I got an X-Ray tonite.'s fractured pretty bad. Worst case senario... I may have to have surgery to get a pin/screw placed. Best case ...they weren't really sure. I have to go see an orthopedist tomorrow or thursday.
Like I said before...this sucks!

Surgery is in order. It's actually a shorter recovery time than just getting a cast. Plus, a cast doesn't mean I won't have to get the surgery later down the road.
It's happening on Friday at 4pm under heavvvvY sedation. I'll make sure of that.

Oh, did I forgot to tell you how I did it. Well, I was arriving at my friend Sharons house (the one that lives on the corner of Heward and Harden) and I was so excited to see her. I ran up her outside stairs in the dark and twisted my foot. The variables were: beer, dark, bricks and flip-flops. I am vowing to never wear flip-flops again. They are just not safe! The rest... I will do again.

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